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fika flowers

Floral Design Studio

Est. 2020

As a child growing up in the countryside of Thailand, I lived by a field of marigolds and there were the closest thing I knew to flowers. In Thailand, one of the most important days of the year is known as Wai Kru day or Teacher's Day. During the Wai Kru ceremony, students present their teachers with flower arrangements. My peers would purchase their arrangements from the local flower market however my parents could not afford too. My mother would never let me leave the house empty handed however. While my peer's arrangements were filled with vibrancy and a variety of flowers, my mother would wake up before dawn to pick marigolds to create an arrangement for me. I did not have the most expensive, the most vibrant or the most extravagant arrangement but I had the freshest and most heartfelt arrangement and to this day I am still in awe and wonder with the arrangement she made for me with only marigolds (and no floral experience). 

When I opened fika flowers in 2020, I wanted to capture that moment in time with my arrangements and plants, that every plant and arrangement would always be individually crafted and always heart ♥ made. Since then my philosophy has been simple: help people to see flowers and plants in a different way.

Keep Blooming. XOXO.

- Tania W., founder and designer of fika flowers


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